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Summer on My Terms!

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

You know what I realized over these last few weeks? I enjoy summer so much more now than I did when I was a child. I'm sure that is due to having the freedom to structure things in my life around soaking up all the fun summer has to offer!

There are no weeds to be pulled by the bucket full, no broccoli worms to smash, and no days filled with fruit picking followed by days of canning. All the piano and swim lessons are attended by my boys while I read or doodle. I can drive up the canyon at midnight to stargaze (with or without anyone else). I eat only what I feel like (very little in the heat) when I feel like and let the boys discover new things they can cook for themselves, with supervision.

It has already been a season of excitement! I've worked pool times into my schedule, attended my family reunion, and began final preparations for our big camping trip. I've read two books, started two more, began a set of home decor projects (almost completed and ready to ship) and begun gutting my bedroom!

A couple days ago I was lovingly accused of trying to squeeze an entire summer's worth of activities into the first week. My thought was - next thing you know it'll be fall and I'll be daydreaming about this stuff, so perhaps I am trying to squash it all in. I don't want to miss anything! Also, as it is July, I am publicly renewing my personal pledge to living independently:

I, Elan Hill, intend to continue being my usual respectful self toward all others without allowing them to destroy my good time. I will encourage kindness by smiling at others without taking it personally if they do not smile back. Finally I vow to remain true to myself while seeking pleasure and happiness.


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