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Let the Hi-Jinks Begin

PeaceOf Mayhem Chalking Fun for All Graffiti

Chalking: (v) Litter free cousin to toilet papering.

Hey Ladies Chalking Chalking Adventure Chalking Compliments We Love You Chalking

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This mini adrenaline rush is making a comeback with artists and pranksters alike. A lifetime of hi-jinks has left the specific backdrop of MY first chalking incident unclear. Spawned by spontaneous energy and fueled with summertime approaching stand out most in those memories.

.....middle of the night, warm wind, stealthy exit from my childhood home, Yes! That's the spirit! 

We'd hit friends and loved ones within walking distance, armed only with a rainbow of sidewalk chalk and the quietest shoes we could find. Typically anonymous, I've always tried to add personal touches that could only come from me, to give tiny clues to my identity. Of course, through the years the themes have changed to reflect my growing sense of humor. (I mean what is freedom of speech if we don't exercise it once in a while?) I've never gotten any complaints about the playful color-filled messages that appear overnight!


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