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Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

PeaceOf Mayhem April Fool's Day Easter What? by EH

What?! by EH

The rain has dampened my flower beds and clouded my optimism. Celebrating Easter this early in the month seems ostentatious and a bit soon. Let March linger just a little longer. My mind isn't ready for the color and energy of April just yet...

April Fools! 

I am a fool for April! So much nonsense - I LOVE IT! This is what feeds my random crazy! My kids are not big fans of my spontaneous streak. That's what makes is SO fun!

Glitter Bomb!

I can't seem to settle down. The older I get the worse it is. My fear of boredom and commitment (in equal measure) have pushed me further along my path of real, live, grown-up rebellion. Yes - I rolled the powdered doughnuts in Alum and left them in the break room for all to enjoy. No - I didn't put the strip of tape across the bottom of your mouse rendering it useless, but I wish I had!

I am crawling out of my skin ready for this glorious transformation where my truly grown, adult, woman self has the confidence to run away from home at last! It is not the people I call home I am running from, but rather the soul sucking routine of "home" I crave to leave behind. Also, I am going to use exclamation points ALL the time!!

Wrap it up 3rd decade! Let the Wild Rumpus Begin! 

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