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Magical and Mysterious October

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

What?! by EH

Mist clings to the peaks above my home conjuring up thousands of swirly, smokey, delicious memories of fall, and more precisely, October. I feel as though I could take a wrong turn and slip into an October 25 years ago or 25 years into the future. Things this time of year take on a transitional (almost magical) energy and I am soaking it up!

With every crunch of dried leaves I ache to lose myself in stomping my way around the yard. I crave the smell of baking, hot cider, and traces of wood smoke (from random wood burning stoves) floating about. In the true spirit of All Hallow's Eve I will end my month by butchering my way through a pumpkin with hope that something artistic will be revealed in the leer of my jack-o-lantern.

I am taking this newest set of spooky, ethereal goings on to celebrate the wrap up of this year of real character building growth!

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