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March Into Fun!

PeaceOf Mayhem Monthly Intro Spring What? by EH

I get tingly when I think of another Spring beginning! I love all the transitional phases for different reasons. Spring is the one that brings me back to my earliest memories. Being born in Spring, I always marked it as my personal new year!

This time it is bringing all kinds of fresh opportunities and exciting twists that I have never experienced before. So much positive in a world growing bored with its own intensity, I feel like I am one of the lucky ones!

Let's make this the break out moment for 2016! I refuse to take my life seriously. I refuse to let my kids have all the fun. I refuse to act my  age or buy into how the landscape of my responsibility should be formed.

Ladies, I urge you to seek out pleasure, laughter, and above all, the silliest fun you can find! (It will sooth your aching soul.)

Guys, I urge you to remember the joy of immaturity when getting your friends to laugh was the best thing you accomplished! (Spring, Help inspire us to grow!)

Be the fun you wish to see in the world!!


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