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Marvelously Masculine Men

PeaceOf Mayhem Monthly Intro

Marvelously Masculine Men

Oooo... This month we are celebrating one of my favorite things: MEN.

I absolutely adore Marvelously Masculine guys! I can't help myself. Truly masculine men inspire everyone around them. Men are such a delight in my life! 

It's hard for me to articulate the specific ways, other than the obvious, I enjoy them. I feel I owe it to my guys to try.

As a competitive person I share their spirit of a good healthy competition. Also, as a competitive person, I have been involved (along with them) in incidents that took it to far. I have learned to be pretty forgiving. I love their easy laughter and tendency to make light of everything. I adore the playful child like sparkle that has never fully left their imagination. Most of all (and very selfishly) I treasure their instinct to save [me] in moments of uncoordination, stupidity, and general female irrationality that I can do it all, ALL BY MYSELF! Having lived all my life around mostly male people, I see the need for "real men" in our world.

Chauvinism is an obsolete ideology. Male people who - respect all other people, take personal responsibility for their own life and the world around them, watch over beings smaller and weaker than themselves, and live with integrity - are real men. The varying degrees of masculinity can be determined by the placement of priorities in the man's life.

  • Placing priority on clothes, hair, possessions and other superficial concepts decreases the level of masculinity (this does not mean more feminine).
  • Placing priority on things that matter in the long run - especially other people - raises the level of masculinity.

I clarify this because I talk a lot of shit to guys. When I see an adult male with: stupid hair (bald can be sexy, stupid hair never will be), tight rolled up girl pants, bedazzled jeans, or muscles that obviously serve no purpose, I pity him. He has been peer pressured by flawed thinking and a superficial world view. (Maybe by his lady or his friends who wanted less competition?)

I feel incredibly lucky! I am surrounded by men who base their self esteem on genuine things. My two sons (and their friends) can be encouraged to emulate these guys and the world will be a better place for it. They have men they can look up to that I can trust. They have men to ask for advice and I know it will benefit them without hurting anyone else. I am full of gratitude for this tribe of men who were raised BEFORE technology corrupted childhood!

Men (or young boys aspiring to become men) to you I say: 

Embrace your nature unapologetically!

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