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MAY Goal: Don't-Give-A-Fuck Levels of Laughter and Mayhem

PeaceOf Mayhem

What?! by EH to BS 

About Us

24 years ago we celebrated this month together for the first time, dear friend. At that time the belief was widely held that we would start the revolution, whatever form it took. I am proud to stand with you and say we have begun our revolution. 

Thanks to you it has been fueled and prepped to be the most exciting, and fun kind of revolution you can join. (Want to join us in the Fun Revolution? Sign up for our email updates!

I am grateful to have you and your boys as our friends and chosen family. Together I see our boys as delightful examples of what their generation could be if they tried. 

I look forward to laughing and laughing harder with you through this next phase of life. Phyllis has me convinced that you can truly become your whole self (without all the self-consciousness) during this decade. Whew! I am ready to let go of all that youth nonsense and jump into the don't-give-a-fuck era we are entering. 

Ready - Set - No, you first. 

What? Okay. Me, first. 

Ready - Set - Go! 

See you on the flip side, Bitches! 

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