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May your days be Merry & Bright

PeaceOf Mayhem Merry Mayhem What? by EH

May your days be Merry & Bright
Here we are... the shortest day of the year and the darkest point of the solar cycle. Every day will get brighter now, Thank God! It sure has been a wild goose chase getting to this point, this year.

I truly am relying on my inner light to move forward as darkness has seeped into my favorite sunny places, unexpectedly. Let the light shine from within and you need never be afraid of the dark... so many endings followed by deep places of unknown possibility opening for passage to the next adventure. 

It is with belief in the law of attraction and my determination to grow better from every experience that I leave today behind!

In celebration I recommend writing a list of grievances and burning them (without keeping a copy). Visualize your intention for this new growth cycle and nurture it every day! Burn a beautiful, warm yule log, or light its equivalent in candles. Forgive, forget, forge a head, Motha Fucka's!

Mold this year the way that will make you happiest and create the most opportunities for fun!

Psst! That is my goal every year!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas! May your hearts be light!


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