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Missing Something?

PeaceOf Mayhem

Is there a product that has hooked you and then disappeared? Add your product to the list in the comments below! Here is what our contributor, Disco Lemonade, has been missing!
  1. Banana Split Oreos
  2. Original flavor Munchies
  3. New Coke (oh yes!)
  4. Screaming Yellow Zonkers
  5. Mystic Fruit Drinks
  6. Honey Mustard Pretzel Bites
  7. (Pint Size) Mint Moosetracks
  8. Abba Zabba
  9. Choco Bliss by Hostess
  10. Apple Spice Cupcakes by Hostess
  11. Boxed Dinners by Wanchai Ferry
  12. Non-caffeinated 5-Hour Energy
  13. Mike's Spiked Lemonade
  14. Blonde Bombshell Haircare Products
  15. Raspberry Vanilla Shampoo by St. Ives
  16. Moonlight Serenade by Aussie
  17. Very Sexy Dare by Victoria's Secret
  18.  Tsunami Deodorant by Axe
  19. Extra Strength Fabreeze scent circa 1997
  20. Thoro All Purpose Spot Remover

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