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New Year Passion Play

PeaceOf Mayhem New Year What? by EH

I would like to apologize for this delayed blog post, but I can't! We were having SO much fun celebrating, a late post was inevitable!

The last 2 weeks have been filled with merriment! Between the snowball fights, watching football, and drunken luging we have wedged in EVERY version of The Christmas Carol (Scrooged, included) we could locate. It was a beautiful reminder to make THIS moment count and not to wait to express love, have fun, or make changes.

Somewhere in all of that the clarity came to me that my dream to share the pleasure of Peace of Mayhem is worth pursuing! The passion I feel is well placed and contagious! So that's a perfect start to this year for me!

May 2017 bring you more: laughter, opportunities to play, and abundant pleasure!


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