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Not Looking for a Cookie Cutter Holiday?

PeaceOf Mayhem Christmas Fun for All What? by EH

Got the, "I hate the holidays! What is everyone smiling about?" blues?

You've come to the right place! Far too long the holidays have been celebrated in the traditions of our families and perhaps we aren't fond of those memories or people OR we want to blaze a trail and make fresh new traditions and memories.

We LOVE to celebrate! We are all for finding what delights you and embracing it!

We believe there is a celebration waiting for you! Maybe it's throwing snowballs at the neighborhood kids as they walk home from school, calling your exes and "confessing" you had herpes* the whole time and they should get checked (just for laughs), or taking pictures of your "elf on the shelf" doing risque things while your children sleep.

Please don't limit yourself to squeezing into the cookie cutter holiday and expecting the joy of a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie character
. Real life doesn't stop for this winter celebration and it can be very depressing to think you're the only one who doesn't get it.

Those of us with excitement and cheer work at keeping it alive AND do a lot of giving (I don't mean presents) to those around us. We secretly shovel our neighbors driveway and sidewalks, we actually visit elderly people we aren't related to, and we never expect anyone to do anything for us because we already have enough.


I advocate celebration in any form because this is the final send off before the year turns over and we begin again - YIKES!

Happy Holidays to all our crazy, wacky, dysFUNctional friends and family! We love you!


*If you actually do have herpes, hopefully you were ethical and disclosed that to begin with and you may choose to ignore my distasteful jest!

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