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On Behalf of Peace of Mayhem...

PeaceOf Mayhem Adventure Dice Free Download Fun for All Monthly Mayhem What? by EH

Brandy & I would like to thank all of you who have been so supportive and excited about our vision!

We are experiencing our own personal success with the grassroots movement here in Salt Lake. Any of you shy participants that have made in-person purchases, feel free to share a comment below!

For those of you online, we hope you will reach out and join the mayhem that has been fueling the fun these last couple years. 

We are in a transitional phase and are bringing that online all year. We are new to the idea of building a community online, so we've built it in person (we have so much fun that way) and have taken longer than y'all would like to join this virtual nation.

We are updating our website and are proud to announce some of our favorite items are SOLD OUT! We are open to custom requests and are happy to accommodate you.

We look forward to sharing our new innovating and stimulating activities! Funk shit up!

If you haven't signed up to receive our monthly newsletter, you can click here! Get a FREE copy of Peace of Mayhem Adventure Dice just for being AMAZING!!

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