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Play the Game of Who's to Blame!

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Everything that pisses me off makes me want to blame someone else.

Most of the time it's my fault, so I just suck it up and take the blame. 

Not today, dammit!

Today I blame you

Who do you want to blame? Now is your chance.

It's the first Friday the 13th of the year, which means it's also National Blame Someone Else Day! This rare opportunity won't happen again until September 13, 2019.

Don't miss blaming your boss for unwanted wrinkles. Or blaming the neighbor for overly cheerful daffodils.

You name it! Here is a set of handy Blame Game cards to inspire you.

Who do you blame? Tell us in the comments so we can blame them, too!

Download the .pdf and print the sheet out for 22 unique blame cards!

Blame Someone Else for a Change

 Have a FUNKY Friday the 13th, otherwise I'm blaming Jason!

Friday the 13th

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