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PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

This story begins as all mythical tales begin....     

A long time ago, in a hazy cloud so far away you almost can't believe such a time and place existed (even though you were there yourself), three brothers taught their younger siblings the best vantage point from the roof to launch water balloons at the neighbor children and the most efficient way to leave welts when shooting rubber bands. 

Then lazy summer afternoons filled with prank calls to family, friends, and strangers, virtually untraceable (the hassle being so immense, traces were reserved for emergencies only), followed. The well-crafted April Fool's gags got way out of hand, as any tradition that predictably does.

The compulsion took hold during that golden age when birthdays were marked by filling a friend's locker with popcorn (a technique I proudly perfected) and their books with rice. Water fights were known to break out anytime anyone my age was feeling bored, and we incited the neighborhood-wide toilet papering war of 1993.

The desire to be more free-spirited has been the inspiration for the adult onset of the marshmallow gun battles (so fierce we were almost kicked out of a hotel in Albuquerque, NM), "pop-its" mine fields, rubberband wars, brutal water fights, confetti canons, and cakes in the face....the glitter fight of 2005, the "Drug Money" stickers of 2008 (available to the public soon!!), and finally the intoxicated moments where the initial idea of putting bumper stickers on friends' cars for a laugh, took shape.

Each of these experiences began with that glint of hilarity and mischief in someone's eye, and (exactly like this collaboration) took on a life of its own. There have been times when I "took things too far", as other's have described it. I had the deepest desire to leave fake lottery tickets (everyone is a winner) in restrooms at a casino, but I was informed that it is cruel and inhumane to get someone's hopes up like that and I would not be getting a ride home if I proceeded. Also, a pink bedazzled cell phone was left at our table in a restaurant. I wanted to text "I'm Pregnant", to all the contacts simultaneously, before turning it in to the staff and was scolded by my incredibly sexy, very reasonable companion.

I openly share these personal experiences to illustrate the many hours of excitement, thought, and planning that has gone into everything we offer. If you choose to join our quest for playful self-expression, we expect you to do so with the foresight and acknowledgment of your personal responsibility for your own actions (legal and karmic), just as I have shown restraint to avoid negative repercussions for mine.

On behalf of myself and my co-conspirators, I say, "Let the games begin!!!"


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