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Ready, Set, Summer Fun

PeaceOf Mayhem Fun for All Summer What? by EH

What?! by EH

June has appeared as if impatient to get started and seemingly ahead of schedule. Although, according to the calendar, it is right on time.

We are in the middle of all the end of school festivities and various celebrations. The final one is always the send-off for my oldest just before he leaves, to stay with his grandparents out of state, each summer. As he is the loudest and busiest thing in my home, he leaves a void of calm and quiet in his wake. It only lasts a week or so. Then the personal goals I've set for myself for these precious moments take center stage.

This summer I am perfecting play. I spend a lot of time facilitating fun and entertainment for others. So I think it is time to make my own pointless pleasure a priority. I refuse to learn, grow, or contemplate a single thing during this time unless the outcome of the learning, growing, or thinking will lead me to more pleasure.

I'm not sure where I'm going to start, but I am sure I will enjoy it! Bring on the Sunshine!

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  • Lisa Funk on

    Happy Summer, happy July 4th!!!. Be safe!!!! But have fun!!!

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