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Relay Race

PeaceOf Mayhem Fun for All Game

It's Time for the Olympics!

There is something about the start of the Olympics that piques our competitive spirit! We suggest you get into the fun by hosting your own #RelayRace!
*this post is from Summer 2016, but our weather is nice enough to do these for the Winter Olympics, too! Many events can be done inside!

Gather a group of friends - we involved all ages! Divide into two teams. Based on the number of people you have, you may want to add more events or have more players participate each round.

We had a few ground rules: The two youngest players were team captains and alternated choosing their teammates. Each team member had to participate in one event. We had each team pick players for the round before describing the event - it made the Clothing Swap hysterical!

Balloon Stomp #RelayRace #SummerGames

Event 1: Balloon Stomp

Prep: Blow up one balloon per player. Cut about 1 foot of yarn - tie one end to the balloon and the other end as a slip knot to put around each players ankle.
Now stomp, stomp, stomp!!
This event is every man, woman, and child for themselves! The last remaining player with an inflated balloon wins their team 1 point​.

Event 2: Starburst Challenge

Pick one player for each team. Each player picks a wrapped starburst. On the count of three... pop the starburst in your mouth. Unwrap using only your tongue and teeth! NO HANDS! First player to remove the wrapper wins their team
1 point.
Starburst Challenge #RelayRace #SummerGames
Ping Pong Shake Out  

Event 3: Ping Pong Shake Out

Prep: Empty 4 tissue boxes. Cut slits towards the bottom of parallel sides. Feed a tie/belt through bottom slits. Fill boxes with equal amount of ping pong balls. Tie around waists of 2 players per team.
On "GO!", all 4 players shake, shake, shake until all ping pongs fall out. First team to empty their boxes wins 2 points.

Event 4: Clothes Swap

Prep: clothes large enough for adult players and plenty of accessories. We had 2 women's outfits (pants, shirt, feather boas, wigs and glasses) and 2 men's outfits (pants, shirts, hats, masks).
Place 2 complete outfits on one end of the field and the other 2 outfits at the opposite end. Teammates are on opposing sides of the field.
Clothing Swap #RelayRace #SummerGames
Clothing Swap #RelayRace
Side one begins! Get dressed completely and make your way to your teammate on the other side of the field. Your teammate cannot get dressed until you make your way to the other end AND get undressed. As soon as player one is undressed, player two gets dressed and runs to the opposite side of the field. First player to get undressed 
the final time wins their team   2 points!

Which team is winning? Are you having fun yet? Any injuries?

Event 5: Tipsy Waiter

Prep: fill 2 trays with paper cups filled halfway with water. Make sure they are all filled evenly! One player for each team gets spun around for 20 seconds (maybe longer for older players!) and makes their way across the field to a finish line. Can your dizzy waiter make it without spilling everything? Team with the most water left wins 1 point.
Tipsy Waiter #RelayRace #SummerGames  

We had a blast! Tag @peaceofmayhem to share your #RelayRace stories and pictures with us! 

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