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Resolutions, Anyone?

PeaceOf Mayhem A Buncha BS New Year

The countdown to a new year (and a new you?) has begun!

I typically keep my life changing resolutions for my birthday, not putting too much pressure on myself in January. My body is in recovery from eating my weight in fudge and peppermint bark. My brain in a chaotic jumble of "woulda, coulda, shoulda". And I have worn my spirit down to an unrecognizable nub. I am in no way ready to make life changing decisions!

So I keep my new calendar year resolutions simple - a mantra to get me through the wintery fog. This year I resolve to be more playful, honest, and rebellious!

What about you? Do you set New Year Resolutions? Or do you prefer to stay cranky, indulgent, and directionless? 

However you celebrate the NEW YEAR, we hope you infuse your spirit with Peace of Mayhem! Cheers!


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