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Rugged Adventure to Reclaim Your Balls

PeaceOf Mayhem Bumper Tag! Hunting

Right now, in our neck of the "woods", men are stock piling ammunition and gathering fashionable camo to leave their families behind. Don't forget your bright orange accessories!

The aim? To bring home a big ol' buck...or simply reclaim his balls for an entire week.

Even if he misses every shot, he will come home feeling virile once again! A rugged adventure with the guys, drinking and farting around the fire, telling tall tales of near hits and dangerous encounters - it is a ritual men crave!

Whether you are for or against this bang-it-up festival, one thing is certain; these men that spritz themselves with deer piss in an effort to fool their prey, are some of the few true men left. While boys are squeezing their junk into pussified skinny jeans and carrying their girlfriends purse, HUNTERS are getting down to raw makings of manliness. Grunt, grunt. Scratch. Fart.

We all have a ritual with our tribe of friends to get us back to our core selves. Tell us about your ritual in the comments below!

You don't have to be a hunter to appreciate our new line of Bumper Tag! Slap it on a big ol' truck or leave it on a bitty PETA mobile.... Let the games begin! Tag! You're it!!

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