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Spring Crescendo

PeaceOf Mayhem Celebration Monthly Intro

Spring is an exciting season in my year! The celebration truly begins in March and crescendos in May, ebbing to stillness mid-June. With 30 birthdays celebrated (March 1-June 14) among our family and friends we are in continuous party planning mode! We honor our Mother's and Father's somewhere in there too so no one feels left out.

This year we've decided May is the time for our Founder's Day celebration (all things found?) because Peace of Mayhem began with 2 May babies! We enjoy sunshine and rain, equally! We thrive on change, and encourage sprouting new directions in every aspect of our lives! Being so close in age has always been an oddity for us among the world at large.

As young adults we celebrated ourselves by taking trips to wherever we were inclined to go. When our children arrived we had to scale back and head out to Wendover for lunch. The day is soon approaching when we will be travelling the world again - with and without our boys!!

Celebrate with us - splash in puddles, gather bouquets of lilacs, tulips, daffodils, or lilies to enjoy in your home, or take a spontaneous trip in honor of this wonderful time of year!


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