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Stormy Weather Zing

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

by EH
The weather here has been crazy! Last week we had thunder and lightning, so close our lights flickered. When I was a kid the power would go out during intense storms. My oldest assured me, "There are so many safety devices in place, the power is not going out unless there is a catastrophic event." Then the lights flickered. They were on edge.
We stepped onto the porch to see what the storm looked like and three banks of clouds had collided over us and were swirling around ominously. My youngest son started asking questions about tornados. I did my best, but he did not seem comforted by my answers.
"How does a tornado form?" he asked still watching the clouds swirl.
"Hmm, the hot air going up and the cold air going down swirl the opposite direction than normal."
His eyes widen, and he asks, "How do we know what direction that is?"
"You know, I have no idea. We don't."
Frowning he asks, "What do we do if there is a tornado coming this way?"
"We open the windows and go down into the basement to wait out the storm."
The frown grows darker, "We don't have a basement."
Laughing, I say, "It's okay. We're not going to have a tornado. There have only been two tornados in Utah during my lifetime." Horror spreading over his face, I take the opportunity to turn the knife. "They were both in August."
We headed back inside to watch a movie and had to turn the subtitles on because the wind and rain were so loud there was no hearing the movie. Suddenly a noise began, a rapid pelting noise like rocks being thrown against the house and windows. I look over and my distraught child has tears running down his face. He is convinced this is the end.
I hugged him, and we went to the large glass door in the dining room. There we could see hail. Marble sized hail. He laughed with relief and wiped the tears away.
Whew! We survived. Let's party.  

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