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Tag! You're It!

PeaceOf Mayhem Bumper Tag!

Bumper Tag Mayhem

Bumper Tag! comes in handy anywhere you find idiot drivers. Whether friend or foe, a message like "driving tips appreciated" and "obviously, I don't care" can really help relieve frustration caused by said idiot!

How often do people REALLY pay attention to their car before taking off on another anger inducing adventure?

With "honk if you have a horn" it may take them days of getting honked at before they discover the tag on their bumper.


Bumper Tag is REMOVABLE and REUSABLE! Find a Bumper Tag! on your car? Simply remove it and keep handy for the next "designated douche bag"!

I Swerve For Pedestrians Bumper Tag Obviously I Don't Care Bumper Tag

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