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The Dream Sequence

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

What?! by EH

Do you dream at night? Do you remember them clearly or is it just a feeling that lingers in the back of your mind all day? Is there insight to the images, or is it just nonsense you see?

I had that dream again last night. The one where I am at the High School. It is between classes and I need to talk to Brandy before the bell. I head to Brandy's locker but I'm too slow. When I get there she's just left, so now I have to wait until after school to talk to her.

I go to class. There's a big test and I finish early. I feel good about the information, but anxiety about Brandy has formed. I decide to meet her at her car to be on the safe side, and I leave class before it has ended.

I quickly make my way to the parking lot where she always parks. I step outside and her car is gone. She's already left. The tension builds. I rush home in an attempt to call her before she leaves for work.

At home I can't remember the phone number to the phone in her bedroom, just the number to the house. I call and her Mom answers, happy to hear from me. She tells me Brandy has left for work, but I can try her cell phone. 

Panic has set in - on her cell phone, I totally forgot about cell phones (when we were in High School cell phones were not common). I try to call but the number eludes me. The feeling of panic is now on full tilt. I feel like I'm failing us both because I can't recall the number.

When I wake the feeling is always the same. The urgency to get confirmation that Brandy is alive and well is overwhelming. The anxiety only subsides when I finally hear her voice.

Over the years of our friendship, I have had this dream many times. (The first couple I was SO panicked I called or texted her immediately, yes even 6 a.m.) I am not sure what triggers the dream. It is a random reminder of how important her well being is to me. It gives me the chance to feel truly grateful to speak to her and that is a gift. Even better than that, I get to hang out with her and laugh together. Lucky Me!

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