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To Panic or Not To Panic

PeaceOf Mayhem Bumper Tag!

Starting out the idea was to have as much fun, (legally) in our daily lives, as we can. We attempt to inspire those around us to take every opportunity to play that presents itself. The best way to do that is by example, of course!!

The first sticker was the hardest. Shaking hands placed it on the bumper of a poorly parked Escalade. Giggling at our audacity, hearts pounding, we turn to walk through the parking structure toward the elevators. Suddenly a woman enters and swiftly marches past us toward the Escalade.

Are we Caught? Of course that would happen to us on our first attempt!

The woman makes it to the Escalade, turns around, and walks rapidly to catch us. Dreading a confrontation, we speed up, power walking as calmly as we can. We hear her footfalls behind us. She matches our speed and surpasses it.

Oh NO! She may overtake us any moment!

We speed up again, almost to a jog and reach the elevators.

Going Up! Slow fucking elevators!!

While we’re waiting for the doors to open she walks up out of breath. She pauses to catch her breath, then exclaims, ”I am so glad I caught up to the two of you! I didn’t realize this was the only way out and I was terrified to be left in here alone! ”

We nervously laugh and climb into the elevator together. She was not the Escalades owner. After she departed we laughed and laughed and laughed… How silly!! We’ve designed our stickers to be eye-catching, but not destructive. What were we so worried about?

We’ve never looked back!! 

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