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Truer Than True, We Love you!

PeaceOf Mayhem A Buncha BS Coffee Holiday Love

It is impossible to count how many cups of coffee Elan and I have enjoyed together. We have been frequenting coffee shops since 1995 - my favorites were as smoky and dark as a seedy bar on the wrong side of town... a microphone in the corner waiting for the next woe-is-me poet to take the "stage". Ah, I miss those days! 

Our coffee stops lately have been met with dead-eye millennial service and half empty (half full?) lattes, but that hasn't stopped us yet! From late night conversations to keep us grounded to early morning business meetings for Peace of Mayhem, coffee is our elixir!

How do you take your coffee? In an IV straight to the veins? Black? Sugar and cream? Iced? Frozen? With a shot of Irish Cream? Tell us in the comments! 


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