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Up In The Night

PeaceOf Mayhem Monthly Intro Night Fun Summer

Up in the Night
August, in Utah, is brutal during the day. We take advantage of the star-filled
80 degree nights while we can. It's the best time to do things that cause heat stroke during daylight. We play basketball, hike, play croquet, jump on the trampoline, and run through the sprinklers.
The vision for Peace of Mayhem was hatched during an all night fun fest.
We realized then we would have to create the products we crave and have
never seen.
A summer tradition began long ago of spending time exploring our centralized downtown as tourists in the middle of the night. It always brings insight to our evolving city. We play, climb, and leave our mark in ways not possible during the day time madness. We take photographic evidence to add to our collection!
The summer memories we make stay with us into the routines of fall. Ours leaving us dreaming of nighttime adventures!
How do you keep fun alive during the hot August nights?

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