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Can the summer have flown by in such a reckless manner? We are immersed in school starting and the excitement wears off so quickly these days. The butterflies of Kindergarten have long passed. The dread of a year harder than the last has been a difficult mind set to shift at my house.

Let's think.... it was all Kris Kross, Guns & Roses, and Nirvana when I was 13.

I loved school, but it all came so easily for me. Having attended a relatively wild school, I was one of the straight A, straight laced (yet still completely out of control) students. One of my best friends from that time has an extremely well known and influential father. As long as our antics never made it to him, we were in the clear. 

The school itself was quite old. The roof leaked. On rainy days buckets were arranged in the hallways by the custodial staff to collect the water rapidly dripping through. The temptation was too powerful for kids that age! Buckets were kicked. You had to be prepared for dirty rain water to splash everywhere, at any moment!

As I reminisce, I realize: We had to get really creative if we wanted to disrupt in any meaningful way!

Now everything is new, state of the art, and sterile. I am grateful my boys are getting the kind of challenging education I would've killed for..... and a little sad they will never know the joy of a cafeteria food fight (whose origin was totally unknown) or the thrill of a school wide walk out in protest of the lunch period being shortened 10 minutes as punishment for the food fight. I learned all kinds of things at that school!!

Perhaps these will bring back memories.....

Q:  What's grosser than gross?

A:  Finding a worm in the apple you're eating.

Q:  What's grosser than that?

A:  Finding half a worm.


  • "Cute shoes! I tried buying shoes like that, but my  quarter got stuck in the machine."
  • (singing) When you're on your way to church and your stomach starts to lurch, diarrhea cha cha chaa, diarrhea cha cha chaa. When you're on a field trip and your butt begins to drip, diarrhea cha cha chaa, diarrhea cha cha chaa. (the options for verses and rhymes are limited only to your imagination and tolerance for the melody)
  • (singing) We eat: greasy grimy goffer guts, mutilated monkey meat, camel snot that's oh so sweet (I have forgotten the words beyond that, but I made it my goal one summer my cousins and siblings were singing it, to commit at least that portion of it to memory)

Remember to savor the moments you are blissfully surrounded by the pure unadulterated fun!!


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