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What Commitment?!

PeaceOf Mayhem

Always late in November. I haven't been able to manage a post before Halloween hits me like a truck, yet. This year it was so much more than Halloween. I was offered an opportunity to take on a challenging job for really good pay, but it would cut my time at home each day in half.

It was one of the hardest decisions I've made since opting out of college. Ultimately, I had to re-evaluate my priorities and I came up with a new appreciation for my time. My personal time is the most valuable thing to me. Also, the Doctor I would've been working for wanted like a REAL commitment, for years. Anyone who genuinely knows me KNOWS that isn't my style.

The only commitment I've ever made - for life - is to have fun.

It may seem childish, but it has served me well all my adult life. Everyone benefits from my drive to have a good time!

This year I am grateful to be in pursuit of the most fun a person can have while making money (Not a prostitution joke) and sharing it with all of you!

Have a fun, safe, Thanksgiving Season. -EH

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