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What did she just say?!

PeaceOf Mayhem

What?! by EH

Thirty days hath September. Well, that's it for me. I have nothing witty to add or surprising to say. I just finished Theft by Finding, David Sedaris's newest work. They are his journals from 1976-2002. I came away inspired! I thought "I'll take some time to grab excerpts from my journals - silly observations etc, and that's what I'll use for my September post!"

Mistake. Anything that can be shared from my journals is rambling tripe. I hated myself so much less before I read the entries from several time periods. Once in awhile I'd record something funny like, November 2004 Adam said to my ex-husband, "Let's push her off a cliff and get a new one." (he and I were still together then) or when my dear friend Michelle called everyone "orgy cunt slices" in December 1998.

I felt the desire to write again after reading his book and that is a huge breakthrough for me! If I begin again, I will do a better job of recording my observations rather than blathering on and on in a waste of language. Or die trying!

Here we straddle the time between the heat of August and the possible snow of October, enjoy the turning of the leaves!

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