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Recipe for Game Night!

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Recipe for Game Night Fun for All! Human Hungry Hippos - Game Night For for All!Temporary Tattoos
Game Night is one of our favorite spontaneous activities - all ages welcome! Bring a snack and your carefree attitude... it's time for fun!

First thing's first - we keep a supply of temporary tattoos on hand to add dazzle and personality to all! 

Divide into teams for a series of Minute To Win It type games - kids of all ages love a good challenge of dexterity! Deep belly laughter is guaranteed.

One of the most hilarious games we have tried is: Giant Hungry Hippos!
Equipment Required: 100 blown up balloons, a skateboard, helmet, and laundry basket for each team.
Game Play: Put all balloons in the center of open area. One team member puts on a helmet and lies, belly down, on their skateboard. Their teammate grabs their ankles and on "GO!" pushes them into the center with baskets lifted. Drop the basket on the balloons and pull back to start. It is helpful to have a third teammate to empty and corral balloons. Repeat until all the balloons are gone from the center. The team with the most balloons wins!

When the kids are exhausted, send them to the other room to watch a movie and fall asleep while the grown ups play some adult board games! The adults need inappropriate fun. Some of our favorites? Cards Against Humanity - Lewd and Obscene - What the Fuck.
What is your favorite grown up game to play? Tell us in the comments!

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