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Hooray it's February!

PeaceOf Mayhem What? by EH

This seems to be a convenient time for Romance... It's cold out. The Holidays are behind us. Most of the fun on the horizon is reserved for Spring and snuggling with the one you adore most seems like the perfect way to celebrate being human.

OR -  this is a blah time after the holiday overload in which all your detoxing from shopping and eating hasn't actually taken hold yet. Romance could be the most unrealistic expectation you could possibly have and you'll be satisfied with someone else taking care of dinner.

Whatever your current perspective heading into this month, I would like to share a personal story from a February long ago.

Let me set the scene: February 2001 - Not Valentine's Day. Random Friday evening. Upscale Italian restaurant meant to impress me.

I arrive and meet my date at the front door. He and I had been living together for a year and 10 months. I had realized we weren't right together and broken up with him a few days before. He begged me earlier that day, over the phone on my lunch break, to meet him for dinner. It'd be good - we could discuss our situation. Making a game plan for untangling our lives and moving out of our apartment is the next logical step, so I agreed to dinner.

We head in.

We're seated.

Drinks are ordered.

He starts talking and then asks about my day. "Oh brother," I think. "This is the first time in months that he's even bothered to ask, and I still don't believe he wants to hear it." I hesitantly recount my day in a "this is my typical day" tone.

Our drinks arrive and our order is taken.

I yammer on for a bit until I have no more superficial things to say, then I ask about his day, the way a polite person does. It is as though he doesn't hear me. He gets this strange glaze to his eyes and makes a sudden unfamiliar movement.

I pull back in horror when I realize he's on one knee, opening a ring box, saying words I can't hear over the blood rushing to my head.

"What?!" I shriek. "Get up!!" I hiss, now very aware of all the diners looking our way. He slides back into his seat and starts gushing over how much he loves me - blah blah blah. Still not coherent "NO!" I snap, cutting him off. "How could you even think this was going to be okay? I broke up with you. I am not marrying you. Maybe when things calm down we can talk about getting back together, but there's no way in Hell I'm marrying you!" I spoke with raw disgust, I'm sure.

Somewhere in all that our food was delivered.

We sat silently, my date actually crying, food untouched. Our server was kind enough to take the plates away and had the meals boxed up to go without a word from either of us. She got a good tip, I am sure (he always was very generous), and left the restaurant without another word spoken between us.

This is one of my prized memories. It makes me giggle every time. It was one of the few times I stood up for myself in my life. 

May all of you take the opportunity to be true to yourself at least once this month (there's plenty of time to cave the rest of the year)!

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