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PeaceOf Mayhem Fall Halloween What? by EH

We are in the process of decorating, zombifying everything we own, and "getting in the mood" for Halloween! To get in the spirit, I watched Firestarter with my youngest son. He began with his eyes covered (peeking through his fingers, almost) and finished the movie attempting to recreate the mind bending abilities he just watched. 

After a bit he said "Look Mom - I'm going to make that fall." Pointing to a stack of books near by. Just as I turned, a book topples off the stack. Surprised, I said "What? Nice coincidence! You silly thing. You chose something leaning so it was kind of falling on its own already."

His face was stern and he shook his head as he said "No Mom. I did it."

I'm glad he feels so powerful and yet....(cue Twilight Zone theme music).

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