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You Think You're Sooo Cool

PeaceOf Mayhem Bumper Tag! Fun for All pranks Vinyl

Anyone remember the endearing, Blues-Singin', Gang fighting Adventures in Babysitting movie from the '80s? The incredible Chris is dating that douchebag Mike with the license plate "so cool". Anyone? Must. See... in my 80s 4eva opinion. 

When we spotted a poorly parked 'vette outside the bar, I instantly thought of the scene when Mike was spotted out at a fancy restaurant even though he ditched Chris because he was "contagious".

We just couldn't help it. We were compelled by the forces of playful rebellion to start a game of Bumper Tag! with this swell guy.

Penis 'vette Bumper Tag!

If only we caught his reaction to the penis bumper sticker on his precious baby. I'm pretty sure he was still pissed even when he saw this... 

Tag! You're it!

The back of each Bumper Tag! reads: Tag! You're it! Keep the Mayhem moving. REMOVE & REUSE. This means war. hahahahahahaha. Followed by a bunch of signature lines. 

It's the game that keeps moving from one tee-hee-hee to the next! You can even customize your own Bumper Tag! to play with your friends (or particular group of foes like the ever "So Cool" Mike's of the world).

Bumper Tag! is as easy as 1... 2... 3... And because we use removable, reusable vinyl that doesn't damage surfaces, you can rest assured that it really is all in good fun!

Want to see Bumper Tag! in action? We created a top-notch animation for one of my favorite Tag!s, Honk If You Have A Horn!

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