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About Peace of Mayhem

Two Wayside Girls

Elan & Brandy, the OGs of FUN, have been raising mayhem together since the early ‘90s when the Universe, or rather the high school scheduler, forced them to share 6 out of 8 classes their sophomore year.

Bwaahahahaaa!! [evil laughter] 

It wasn’t long before they discovered their mutual love of the twisted and fun! What’s better than finding your partner in hilarious impropriety? NOTHING! They were drawn together with each snarky outburst and bout of uncontrollable laughter. It was a match made in teenage hell!

Flash forward through many adventures, both planned and thrown at them by Life-itself, they are crazier than ever and excited to keep shaking shit up with playful rebellion.... especially in the midst of Adulting.

Peace of Mayhem

Peace of Mayhem was planted as a promise the Originators made each other in their youth: if they were working soul-sucking jobs or missing out on passionate fun in their thirties, they would start selling tie-dye in the park or Bumper Tag! to the masses. (Brandy still hasn’t ruled out tie-dye as a viable option for our mix of shenanigans.)

We are a collaboration of artists, designers, and self-appointed jackasses working together to make dreams of frivolity come true! Meet Our Contributors here.

Our Products

Our Products are created in the USA and are produced in small batches by the OGs and ContributorsWe use trusted local printers to bring our designs to life for Cards & Such and handcraft each vinyl cling in-house peace by durable piece! The vinyl peels off easily and is meant to be reapplied - pass it on!

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