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Bathroom Expressions No Skid Marks

Bathroom Expressions No Skid Marks

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Oh Shart! You better hurry to the nearest e coli central! These Bathroom Expressions are removable, reusable, recyclable vinyl clings that won't damage surfaces. 

The inspiration behind ExpressionsSpending a lot of time in public spaces has made me realize how much I treasure the 10 seconds of giggling I get from seeing the ways other people share their self expression! We took that idea and made it so effortless to join the fun that it becomes irresistible! Slip it in a pocket for a spontaneous occasion, leave your mark on a night out, or double back to the perfect spot... They are good clean fun!

Contents: 6 vinyl expressions; 1 BLANK, plus e. coli central, oh shart, pu, toxic waste dump, no skid marks

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