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Driving Tips Appreciated Bumper Tag!

Driving Tips Bumper Tag!

$ 3.00
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Open to suggestions: you want me to go faster? stay in my lane? Just tell me.

Bumper Tag! was meant to be shared with friends or foes.

How to Play: 1. Choose your victim's bumper 2. Sign the Back 3. Slap it on your target. 4Run away giggling.

Beware! This means war! Keep the Mayhem Moving - How many cars will Driving Tips Appreciated hit? Share your Bumper Tag! adventures using #BumperTag! @peaceofmayhem

Contents &Specs: 7" x 3" movable, reusable vinyl clings will not damage surfaces. The back of each Bumper Tag! has a signature sheet to invite the victim out to play. 

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