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Peace of Mayhem

Germinating Warfare Seed Bombs

$ 5.00

Throw and grow wildflowers add a burst of color to any shabby lot. Simply chuck seed bombs and let nature take its course. #germinatingwarfare cultivates beauty anywhere.

Each pack comes with 3 seed bombs each. Seed bombs contain recycled paper products and 10-15 varieties wildflower seeds. 

BOMBASTIC - over 15 varieties including Dwarf Red Plains, Pheasant's Eye, Dwarf Blue Cornflower.
FLOWER POWER - over 10 varieties including Siberian Wallflowers, Baby's Breath, Evening Primrose.
SEED ERUPTION - over 15 varieties including California Poppy, Sweet William Pinks, Rocket Larkspur.

For the freshest seed bombs, please allow 1 week for order to ship.

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