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Pick & Peek Bar Pack B

Pick & Peek Bar Pack B (Adults 21+)

$ 5.00
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Each pack includes 6 heavy duty cards with hand-colored accents. Unveil your choice with a coin, key, or fingernail - your options are easy to scratch off and fun to reveal.

Bar Pack B includes:

  • Intoxicated? Choose one for fun.
  • Which is worse? Make a choice.
  • Evening of fun isn't quite done. Choose wisely or not.
  • Come on, PLAY a little!
  • Need a pick up line? Take one of mine.
  • Congratulations! choose one.

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*Answers not yet revealed to avoid spoiling the fun!

Bar packs may encourage sexual behavior, alcohol intake, and other adult activities.

Pick & Peek Bar Packs are for Novelty Purposes. Peace of Mayhem is not responsible for your irresponsible actions.

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